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This collection makes the perfect gift for someone who loves St. Louis. A variety of tasty flavors all made in St. Louis.

Gift Pack Includes;

  1. Pappy's Original BBQ Sauce
  2. Sriracha Granada
  3. Two Men and a Garden Hot Mango Salsa
  4. 314 Hot Sauce
  5. Mr. B's Serrano Blue's Sweet & Spicy Pepper Glaze
  6. Hot Charlie's Hot Sauce

Select the gift basket option we'll put together a great personalized gift basket just for you! These baskets make a great gift for Valentine's day, Christmas, Birthdays, Housewarming gifts, college students, or any other occasion for anyone who loves food!
Gift basket is approximately 9" W x 12" L x 12" T, includes;

  • Ribbon Bow
  • Tissue Paper Bedding
  • Shrink Wrapped 
  • Card with personalized message (leave message at checkout)
  • Bonus Promotional Items (typically a key-chain, pen, or similar item)
  • FREE Gift Card


1. Pappy's Original BBQ Sauce

The classic, tangy bbq sauce that St. Louisians have come to know and love from our own Pappy's Smokehouse. They say if you're looking for the best restaurants in St. Louis just look where the locals eat. Pappy's Smokehouse is #1 on the list of top rated BBQ restaurants for firemen, public service personnel, and college students in St. Louis!
19 fl oz.

2. Sriracha Granada

Sriracha Granada is an all natural, preservative-free, GREEN sriracha-style chili sauce.
Their sauce has the same basic flavor profile as other popular sriracha sauces, but with more depth. It is a bit hotter, sweeter, and packs a rousing garlicky kick! Instantly recognizable by its green color, Sriracha Granada, unlike other sriracha sauces, contains no artificial preservatives, colorants or other chemical additives. Sriracha Granada is a healthier alternative to commercial hot sauces.
Did we mention that it’s green!?
Their signature chili sauce is the only green Thai-style sriracha sauce on the market!
Flavor profile: Spicy, sweet, and tangy with a kick of garlic.
Common uses: Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, atop eggs, burgers, marinades, stir fry, just about everything!
17 fl oz.

3. Two Men and a Garden Hot Mango Salsa

Mango does the tango in this refreshingly fruity salsa. This popular fruit flavored salsa is full of fresh chopped mangos in big hunky chunks. It's a bit sweeter than it's siblings, with the extra sweetness calming down the afterburners.
28 oz.

4. 314 Hot Sauce

314 Hot Sauce has a deep, rich and spicy flavor that is perfect to drizzle over your favorite foods – it’s not too hot and it’s not too mild – it’s just right.

From the first taste you will be hooked. 314 is one of the most flavorful and well-rounded hot sauces in the world. They craft its deliciousness by starting with their award winning hot pepper mash made from hand selected red ripened jalapenos. They then blend in top shelf vinegar, a small amount of water and a secret mixture of spices to create the ultimate in fiery goodness.
6 fl oz.

5. Mr. B's Serrano Blue's Sweet & Spicy Pepper Glaze

Serrano Blue's Pepper Glaze - Combination of blueberries & Serrano peppers creating a sweet medium heat perfect for grilling, simply over cream cheese for an easy appetizer, or over cheesecake for an unique dessert.
8 fl oz.

6. Hot Charlie's Hot Sauce

A unique blend of peppers, vinegar, spices and real garlic. First your taste buds encounter intense flavor, then the fiery heat sneaks up, catching you by surprise. A flavor designed by a hot sauce connoisseur for the hot sauce connoisseur.
12 fl oz.

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