Bravado Hot Sauce 6 Bottle Gift Pack

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Packaged in our "beer bottle" gift box, this collection makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves hot sauce. Bravado offers a variety of great flavors to match any meal! Each Gift Pack includes a $5 gift card and a few extra bonus items.

Gift Pack Includes;

  1. Bravado Ghost Pepper & Blueberry Hot Sauce
  2. Bravado Serrano & Basil Hot Sauce
  3. Bravado Crimson Hot Sauce
  4. Bravado Crimson"Special Reserve Edition" Hot Sauce
  5. Bravado Jalapeno & Green Apple Hot Sauce
  6. Bravado Pineapple & Habanero Hot Sauce

Select the gift basket option we'll put together a great personalized gift basket just for you! These baskets make a great gift for Valentine's day, Christmas, Birthdays, Housewarming gifts, college students, or any other occasion for anyone who loves food!
Gift basket is approximately 9" W x 12" L x 12" T, includes;

  • Ribbon Bow
  • Tissue Paper Bedding
  • Shrink Wrapped 
  • Card with personalized message (leave message at checkout)
  • Bonus Promotional Items (typically a key-chain, pen, or similar item)
  • FREE Gift Card

1. Bravado Ghost Pepper & Blueberry Hot Sauce

Let’s step up your hot sauce game: fresh berries, cracked black pepper and Ghost Peppers. This is what hot sauce is meant to taste like.
Red meats, duck, and venison go beautifully with the Ghost pepper & Blueberry hot sauce. It is also really delicious with slow cooked meals, a couple dashes in the crock-pot and you're good to go.
5 Fl. Oz.

2. Bravado Serrano & Basil Hot Sauce

A combination of zesty serrano and fragrant basil, this sauce opens new doors. Pizza and pasta, meet your new paisano.
Pizza, pasta, grilled cheese sandwiches, lasagna, empanadas, meatball subs, Italian subs, oysters Rockefeller, and shrimp scampi are just a few great dishes to use this sauce with.
5 fl oz.

3. Bravado Crimson Hot Sauce

Árbol chilis and red jalapeño peppers in a bold blend, this sauce is bursting with undeniable flavor. From tacos to noodles, Crimson Hot Sauce is the new standard. It’s a legend in the making.
5 fl oz.

4. Bravado Crimson"Special Reserve Edition" Hot Sauce

A fiery, garlicky blend of Scorpion and Arbol chilis, this is the ultra hot sauce you’ve been waiting for. Go big or go home!
5 fl oz.

5. Bravado Jalapeno & Green Apple Hot Sauce

Granny Smith apples blended with only the freshest peppers and garlic. This isn’t your typical “green” sauce; it’s a game changer.
5 fl oz.

6. Bravado Pineapple & Habanero Hot Sauce

A blend of fresh pineapple and fiery habanero; this sweet and spicy sauce is packed with only real chilies and fruit. Sometimes nature hands you an ace in the hole.
Light proteins such as pork, chicken, and seafood. Easy to add to a traditional marinade or just bast on while grilling. Sweet potatoes are also a match made in heaven for this sauce.
5 fl oz.


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