Hot Charlie's


A flavor designed by a hot sauce connoisseur for the hot sauce connoisseur. After years of sampling the world’s hottest sauces, their Founder, Charlie, realized that too many hot sauces covered the flavors of your favorite dishes. There was no balance. In life, there must be balance. Hot Charlie’s™ Hot Sauce was created. Their original recipe is a unique blend of peppers, vinegar, spices and real garlic. First your taste buds encounter intense flavor, then the heat sneaks up on you, catching you by surprise.

Now they also have their Ghost Pepper Sauce. They’ve added a level of heat to make you sweat. Intensely fired with the addition of ghost peppers giving their Ghost Pepper Sauce its own unique blend of flavors. Where their original recipe sneaks up on you, you won’t see their Ghost Pepper Sauce coming until you’ve broken a sweat. Crafted for the most discriminating hot sauce enthusiasts.

Packed with flavor, punched with heat. Available in a 12-ounce bottle for twice the flavor and twice the heat.