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This collection makes the perfect gift for someone who loves to grill or BBQ sauce. A unique selection of great flavors!

Gift Pack Includes;

  1. John Wayne Steak Sauce
  2. Pappy's Original BBQ Sauce
  3. Enjoy Cock BBQ Sauce
  4. Kentucky Straight Bourbon Barbecue Sauce
  5. Ole Smokey Moonshine Honey BBQ Wing Sauce
  6. Bone Suckin' BBQ Sauce

Select the gift basket option we'll put together a great personalized gift basket just for you! These baskets make a great gift for Valentine's day, Christmas, Birthdays, Housewarming gifts, college students, or any other occasion for anyone who loves food!
Gift basket is approximately 9" W x 12" L x 12" T, includes;

  • Ribbon Bow
  • Tissue Paper Bedding
  • Shrink Wrapped 
  • Card with personalized message (leave message at checkout)
  • Bonus Promotional Items (typically a key-chain, pen, or similar item)
  • FREE Gift Card

1. John Wayne Steak Sauce

The Duke's own recipe for a delicious steak sauce now available bottled and delivered to your door.
11 fl oz.

2. Pappy's Original BBQ Sauce

The classic, tangy bbq sauce that St. Louisians have come to know and love from our own Pappy's Smokehouse. They say if you're looking for the best restaurants in St. Louis just look where the locals eat. Pappy's Smokehouse is #1 on the list of top rated BBQ restaurants for firemen, public service personnel, and college students in St. Louis!
19 fl oz.

3. Enjoy Cock BBQ Sauce

Enjoy Cock Barbecue Sauce is a Kansas CIty style of sauce. Made with ketchup, Worcesterhshire and pepper, this sauce pairs nicely with grilled chicken, ribs, pork butt and tenderloin.
19 fl oz.

4. Kentucky Straight Bourbon Barbecue Sauce

This sauce will warm the hearts of rib connoisseurs worldwide. It has heartiness of its smoky whiskey and vinegar base and will open the doors of barbecue to the novice, and endear itself to the “Old School” barbecue masters as well.
15 fl oz

5. Ole Smokey Moonshine Honey BBQ Wing Sauce

Ole Smokey is famous for their old fashion moonshine and their sauce stay true to the old ways as well. Made with all natural ingredients and just a bit of moonshine to give this BBQ wing sauce an extra bit of flavor. Perfect for your next grill out!
12 fl. oz.

6. Bone Suckin' BBQ Sauce

A Western North Carolina tomato based sauce sweetened with honey & molasses with spices and an irresistible flavor. Once you try their sauce you will never buy another barbecue sauce. Bone Suckin' Sauce is a best seller among specialty stores, health food stores, grocery stores & restaurants. Rated "5 out of 5" by BBQ Sauce Reviews. 1st Place Winner Battle of Sauces & Best in Sales in Winner's Circle. #1 Newsweek Magazine! Rated A+ Health Magazine for being the best in Barbecue!
16 oz.

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